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I have had a workshop and shop in Christianshavn since 2005, where I sell ceramics to both private customers and wholesale to companies and restaurants. In recent years, I have specialized in providing service to restaurants inspired by the new Nordic cuisine and the increasing focus of reastaurants to include tableware into the identity of the restaurant.

​"I make everyday things that are good to hold in the hand and beautiful to look at. I strive for things that are rooted in ceramic tradition with rustic shapes and abstract decorations."

​All my ceramics are hand-turned and hand-glazed. My ceramics have rustic shapes and abstract decorations, which fit in with the industrial, unpolished and raw expression. My artistic expression is a good match for the development seen in the world of gastronomy, where several restaurants have a preference for the more artistic.

Per Bo is a trained potter and ceramicist.


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